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Thank you for visiting the Vista website, owned and provided by JET Ltd, Marine Road West, Morecambe LA4 4BU.

Who are we?

The company JET Ltd. has the following companies within it: Jump Rush, Soul Bowl, Johnny’s, Pleasureland and Vista.

We’re serious about your privacy and hope this policy explains everything you need to know in terms of how we collect, use, share and store your personal details.

All the details in this policy apply to any information that we collect from you, or is provided by you, on our website and other forms of communication such as email and telephone.

By accessing or using the website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, which is integrated into our general terms of use.

If you have any questions about how we use your data, please just get in touch.


We may collect information about the devices you use to visit our site and how you chose to visit us and what you did on our site. For example, we may track which pages you visited and whether you used Google to reach us.

We may collect information within what you send us or tell us when communicating with us. For example, we may collect your name and email address if you send them to us in a form on our site. We may collect any personal information stored in additional documents you may send us at this point.

We may collect information about any consents that you grant to us. For example, if you tell us that it is okay that we use cookies.

We may collect information about your visits and bookings with us, either to provide for the purposes of track and trace or to understand your preferences and patterns of visits to us in order to better provide you with relevant service.


  1. We may ask you for it directly.

Sending a query

Sometimes we might ask you to provide us with information such as your name, telephone and email, such as when you are sending a query to our website.

We will use this information to process your query and will hold it in our query database in our website for a period of 12 months, which is hosted by WPEngine and WordPress.

Making a booking

We will ask you to provide details when making a booking, such as your email, name and preferences.

We will use this information to process your booking and will hold it either in our website (hosted by wpengine and wordpress), our on-site booking system (Sync) or our restaurant booking system (Opentable).  If you are a walk-in booking then we may also hold a written copy of this information for track and trace.

Signing up to a mailing list

We may also ask you to sign up to our newsletter. The types of information we may ask for in this instance include your name, email address and telephone number.

When applying for a job, we may ask you to provide information such as your career or educational history.

  1. We may collect it using cookies.

We use something called “cookies” on our site to track some information about how you arrive at and use our website. This can include information such as your IP address and mobile device ID.


When we collect personal data about you, with your consent, we will use it in the following ways:

  • to improve our website and the ways that we target our services and products to you on both our own site and others
  • to respond to your queries and provide you with the information you have requested
  • for admin purposes such as resetting your password and sending you updates to our terms of services
  • to process your job application
  • to contact you about products and services we think you may be interested in and serve you more relevant advertising
  • For government track and trace when required

There must be a legal basis for us to process your data. These are the bases on which we collect and process personal data about you:


When we ask for your personal information, we will always explain why and how we will use it and ask for your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by unsubscribing from our updates or contacting us directly.

Legitimate Interests

We only use your personal data in order to improve our communication and online experience for you and other people using our services. We understand that this can be a grey area and, if we rely on using legitimate interests to collect and store your data, then we will tell you what that is.

We have no intentions to sell your data to any third parties. If this situation ever changed then we would ask your permission in a separate, explicit consent communication request.

Your personal data will be held for as long as is needed for the purposes for which it was collected. In the instance where you delete your account, then we will remove all traces of personal data associated with it, in line with your “right to delete”.


When required or requested to do so, we may share your data with the following types of organisations:

  • Official regulators, fraud prevention officers and similar authorities
  • Any specific companies you may ask us to share your data with
  • When legally requested to do so or in our own response to legal proceedings or transfer of our assets during sale or business transfer
  • With third-party processors with your consent and explained in our Third Party Processors section


You have rights regarding how we collect, use and store your personal data. You may:

  1. Request a copy of the personal information that we hold about you and how we process it.
  2. Ask for any inaccuracies in your information to be amended
  3. Ask for your personal information to be deleted, or amend your preferences for how it is used.

If you would like to know, delete or amend anything related to how we use your personal data, please just contact us. In the instance you are unhappy with you we have handled your personal information, you can also report this to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Please note, we do have the right to ask for proof of ID and/or charge a reasonable fee if the effort to source your data is extensive. Our policy is to supply, amend or delete your requests related to your data within 21 days but we may extend this timescale if necessary.


Under 18 year olds

Our website is not intended to be used by those under the age of 18. Therefore we do not knowingly collect information from children. If you are under 18 and using this website, please get permission from your parent and guardian with regards to the collection of your personal data.


We are serious about your data security and take appropriate steps to make sure your personal data is kept securely and accurately. This includes using compliant and reliable hosting services, secure protocols and encryption of data where required. Unless explicitly stated, all of our third party processors are resident within the EU.


Sometimes you may find links on our site to other websites, advertisers or partners. Please note that any of these links that you follow will then lead to websites with their own privacy policies, and we can not accept any responsibility for these. Please ensure you remain vigilant in checking the personal data you are submitting to any of these sites.


We use a few relevant and assessed third party data processors. Most of these collect and store data via cookies and full details are available in our cookie policy. We also use platforms called Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, with which we send out our email communications to those who have shared their personal data with us. The Mailchimp (Privacy policy) can be viewed here.  The ActiveCampaign  Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

Advertising & Analytics Cookies

We use Google and other third-party advertisers to provide us with web analytics and remarketing services.  To view more information about this and how you can opt out of cookies, please view our full cookie policy below.

Meriq and Brunswick

Our main booking engine provider is Brunswick, supported by online booking services from their partner company Meriq. When you enter any data during the process of booking, your data will be shared and stored with these providers.   These providers will only process any personal data that are necessary for each specific purpose of processing your booking and enabling us to send you email communications where you have opted in to this.   You can view their full privacy policies by reading these attachments. SYNC Privacy Policy_2018.4.12      GDPR policy – Meriq


When you make a restaurant booking with us online then your data will be held within the Opentable database.  This company provides our restaurant booking system.


We do not store or collect your payment card details. That information is provided directly to our third-party payment processor Adyen, whose use of your personal information is governed by their Privacy Policy. 


Our privacy policy is reviewed on a regular basis so that we know it is up to date and compliant with any relevant data protection laws. Our Privacy Policy may be revised at any time and will be posted onto our website at the time.


We audit our databases every 18 months for inactive sales or marketing list accounts and delete those are no longer interacting with us.


  • What the heck are cookies?
  • Why do we use them?
  • Disabling Cookies
  • Which cookies will you find on this site?

What the heck are cookies?
Cookies are very small text files that are saved to your computer when you visit a website. On our website we use these cookies to see and understand what you’re doing on our site and how you arrived there and think about how we could make the experience better and more targeted. We use cookies to understand how you’re using our website and how we can provide you with the best experience for your needs in our marketing and online experience.  e.g. sending you a relevant email or social advert depending on which page you’ve visited. Some of the cookies that we use are supplied by third parties for platforms that help us analyse, understand and reach our customers better.

Why do we use them?
We like to improve our online experience and the ways we can interact with us. Using cookies helps give us the information we need to be able to do this, such as which device you used to get there or which pages you were interested in.  We might use this information to serve a relevant ad on Facebook or send an email on a topic you are interested in.  We might also use some cookies just to help the website work better for you, such as remembering your login details or language preferences.
We might also use something called web beacons or browser storage. These allow us to store some data across a number of times that you might use the site from the same device or tell us when you may have visited a particular piece of content such as an email or a newsletter.
The important thing to remember is that cookies aren’t necessarily bad for you or your computer. Cookies are simply a way of holding information about you that typically either help improve your use of a website or help feed into improvements for it and other communications in general.

Disabling Cookies
Of course, if you decide that cookies are just not for you, then you can disable them. You can do this in general across your browser, or you can pick and choose the sites that you want to allow to use cookies with you. Here’s a list of how to disable cookies in different browsers.

You can completely opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics with the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Disabling cookies in Chrome – View Here

Disabling cookies in Safari – View Here

Disabling cookies in Internet Explorer – View Here

Disabling cookies on iOS devices; – View Here

Disabling cookies on Android devices; – View Here

If you wish to opt-out from tracking by Mouseflow, you can do so at

Which cookies will you find on this site?

Cookie compliance cookie
When you first arrive on our site, there will be a pop-up message, asking you to tell us your cookie preferences. Depending on what you tell us, we will store a cookie to remember these.

Necessary Cookies
These cookies are essential for the functioning of the site.

Performance Cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about how you use our website to help us understand how you are using it, how you got here and what you are interested in. We can discover things like which sites you’re coming from or which of our articles and adverts you liked the best. This is so that we can continually improve our online experience and communications with you. Google Analytics stores information such as which pages you have visited and what you clicked while you were here.

These are the Google Analytics cookies that we use:


If you want to get the full ins and outs on the cookies used within google analytics then you can visit this great article.

You can also learn more about cookies from Google Analytics by reading these sites

We also sometimes place third party cookies from our trusted analytics supplier Mouseflow (ApS Flaesketorvet 68, 1711 Copenhagen V, Denmark). This cookie tracks user activity, page content, click/touch, movement, scroll, and keystroke activity (in some cases). If you are located in Europe, your IP address, keystroke activity, and personal information are never stored or shared with any third-parties. We process and keep all data for our own website within Europe and, if you wish to opt-out from tracking by Mouseflow, you can do so at 

Advertising Cookies

We use platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Doubleclick to communicate and advertise to you. We want to make these communications as relevant as possible so we use cookies from these providers on our website to allow us to use information such as which content you have seen from us or which device you are on to serve you more relevant advertising. The cookies we use in this respect are:

ads/ga-audiences to allow us to better use Google Adwords to serve you advertising that you would be interested in

Twitter Conversion Tracker This cookie is from Twitter and helps us communicate better to our audiences between our website and the Twitter platform in terms of the content that we serve them.
For further information about the Twitter Conversion Tracker please see:
Facebook Pixel The Facebook Pixel is a cookie from Facebook that helps us understand how audiences have interacted with our Facebook advertising and website, to help us make better decisions on Facebook advertising. For further information about the Facebook Pixel please see:

We also use a platform called ActiveCampaign.  This platform helps us send you more relevant emails and communications based on your previous behaviour with us and our communications and allows us to send and automate email campaigns to you.

To opt out of these cookies across your full web browsing experience, not just our site, then you will need to do this directly with the providers such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to know more about how these cookies might be being used, just visit  Network Advertising Initiative website or

Other Third Party Cookies 

If you view something called “embedded content” on our site (e.g. when there is a Youtube video pasted in our page) then you might receive cookies from these sites – please make sure you check directly on the third party websites for more information about these cookies and how to direct them.

Further information about cookies
To learn a bit more about cookies and what they are you can visit this great link at and, if you would like to opt out of cookies across the board, then you can visit If the Network Advertising Initiative website


If you have any questions or requests related to this Privacy Policy please send them to or you can send them by post to JET Ltd Marine Road West LA4 4BU.